What’s up, Splinters!

Hope everything is great and well.

Season 18(!?) was ended. Unfortunately, I stopped at Gold I.

I was a bit busy and don’t really have much time for SM and hence failed to reach Diamond last season.

Remember I’ve purchased 500 charges of +25% legendary potions? It still has about 300+ charges left at the moment.

However, after 2 seasons I don’t really see the effect kicking in for all my packs.

Seems like spending DEC on mystery potions would have better returns than that.

My main goal now has changed to accumulate DEC, and completing the daily quest is more like a side quest.

My short target of DEC balance is 15K. As I intended to continuously contribute to the Guild.

第18季(!?)結束了。 不幸的是,我在Gold I停了下來。

我有點忙,這2星期沒有花太多時間在SM上,因此賽季未能達到 Diamond,有點可惜。

還記得我已經購買了500件+ 25%傳奇藥水的費用嗎? 目前還有大約300多個。




我的DEC平衡目標是15K。 因為我打算繼續為公會做出貢獻。

Recent snapshot of DEC Balances
最近 DEC Balances 快照
| Date | DEC Balance | Delta % |
| — | — | — |
| 070319 | 9,583.439 | NA |
| 071819 | 16,199.800 | +69.04% |
| 080419 | 6,063.642 | -62.57% |
| 081919 | 16,236.676 | +167.77% |

![Screen Shot 20190819 at 12.14.26 PM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/Mh5KAB4t-Screen20Shot202019-08-1920at2012.14.2620PM.png)

Wow, in 2 weeks my DEC count increased more than 10K. Not to mention I have been investing for the Guild as well.

哇,在2週內,我的DEC增加了超過10K。 更不用說我一直在為公會投資。不錯!

Finally comes to my favorite time of the season! Unfolding the rewards!
Let’s do it!

![Screen Shot 20190819 at 11.16.13 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/H3Ti035d-Screen20Shot202019-08-1920at2011.16.1320AM.png)

Mostly common grade, I am having a bad feeling for this draw.

![Screen Shot 20190819 at 11.16.25 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/IqCTDDCt-Screen20Shot202019-08-1920at2011.16.2520AM.png)

Four Rare, getting better.

![Screen Shot 20190819 at 11.16.40 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/uoMHuH8m-Screen20Shot202019-08-1920at2011.16.4020AM.png)

Dragon Type Summoner in Gold Foil! And two more Rare! That’s what I am talking about!

This seasonal drawing MVP is that Gold Daria Dragonscale! Worth more than 15K DEC! So the question of the week is, sell or hold?

今次雖然沒有特別多好卡抽到,但那張 Gold Daria Dragonscale 不錯,就 dec 值來算已夠 15K 數了!問題來了,是賣還是存?