What’s up, Splinters!

Hope everything is great and well.

A new day a new challenge. Today quest is water team.

Found it hard to play with the water magic team as many people using magic reflect monsters when the opponent team is water.

Even though my Ruler of the Seas got to lv. 3, still getting beat up really badly. Many players now having a similar deck as well.

Lucky that I have my favorite gold mermaid healer that as a buffer when facing those magic reflect monsters.

Tried to reach Diamond, but get beat the hell out and roll back to gold II. What a game.

My main goal now has changed to accumulate DEC, and completing the daily quest is more like a side quest.

My short target of DEC balance is 20K. As I intended to continuously contribute to the Guild.

新的一天,新的挑戰。 今天的任務是水隊。


即使我的海王升到了lv3,還是被毆打得很厲害。 因為許多玩家也擁有類似的套牌。




我的DEC餘額的短期目標是20K。 因為我打算繼續為公會做出貢獻。

Today snapshot of DEC Balances
今天的 DEC Balances 快照

091219 – DEC Balance: 16,790.251

![Screen Shot 20190923 at 3.12.15 PM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/5sQHl1bk-Screen20Shot202019-09-2320at203.12.1520PM.png)

Still have less than 4K to go!

As always here is my daily reward from the daily quest.

Comment to this draw: Wow One epic and one rare. Love it.

![Screen Shot 20190923 at 1.44.42 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/4P6dSGMG-Screen20Shot202019-09-2320at201.44.4220AM.png)