What’s up, Splinters!

Hope everything is great and well.

It has been a crazy busy week.

I almost miss my time playing splinterlands.

Lucky that I have it open on my phone so I can play whenever I go when I am free.

What’s fun about playing splinterlands is that you don’t really need much time to play.

All you have to do is think of how your opponent will place their cards based on the rule and counter their thought.

It seems simple but not that easy tbh. Especially if you want to win more than 3 times.

My main goal now has changed to accumulate DEC, and completing the daily quest is more like a side quest.

My short target of DEC balance is 20K. As I intended to continuously contribute to the Guild.






看起來很簡單,但並不是那麼容易。 特別是如果您想贏3次以上。


我的DEC餘額的短期目標是20K。 因為我打算繼續為公會做出貢獻。

Today snapshot of DEC Balances
今天的 DEC Balances 快照

091219 – DEC Balance: 16,838.935

![Screen Shot 20191022 at 1.23.28 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/rgqueBmX-Screen20Shot202019-10-2220at201.23.2820AM.png)

Still have less than 6K to go! Let’s work on it!

As always here is my daily reward from the daily quest.

Comment to this draw: Not so fancy this draw. But hey, at least there are 4 rare. Fair enough.

![Screen Shot 20191022 at 1.23.17 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/EeZ5hLns-Screen20Shot202019-10-2220at201.23.1720AM.png)