What’s up, Splinters!

Hope everything is great and well.

Since the last chrome update, the text on splinterlands turns into a very ugly font.

This bug me a lot whenever I play the game. Wonder if there is any way to tackle this issue.

Anyhow, I spent some time to try to move up 1 rank.

I spent some much time but the rank is still hovering around 26XX+ and couldn’t really break the 2799 point. That’s pretty frustrating.

Guess I will be missing my Diamond this season. GG guys.

My main goal now has changed to accumulate DEC, and completing the daily quest is more like a side quest.

My short target of DEC balance is 20K. As I intended to continuously contribute to the Guild.


每當我玩遊戲時,難看的字體都會很困擾我。 很想知道是否有任何方法可以解決這個問題。


我花了很多時間,但排名仍然徘徊在26XX +左右,並不能真正突破2799點。 真令人沮喪。



我的DEC餘額的短期目標是20K。 因為我打算繼續為公會做出貢獻。

Today snapshot of DEC Balances
今天的 DEC Balances 快照

091219 – DEC Balance: 19,853.580

![Screen Shot 20191031 at 12.25.06 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/VdtMdHzL-Screen20Shot202019-10-3120at2012.25.0620AM.png)

Still have less than 1K to go! Let’s work on it!

As always here is my daily reward from the daily quest.

Comment to this draw: Spent so much effort for these craps. Ahhhhh!

![Screen Shot 20191031 at 12.24.56 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/zrJLydoO-Screen20Shot202019-10-3120at2012.24.5620AM.png)