What’s up, Splinters!

I hope everything is great and well.

The year and the season both coming to an end.

I wish and hope you all have a wonderful year. And going forward will have a great start for the year 2020.

I can’t believe the decade has finally come to an end.

Although Steem has it rough and good to know that Steem is capable of many different purposes and the community is still growing somehow.

Back to the game. I tried to reach Diamond and finally did it.

Was happy that I am going to receive 40+ card for the season reward.

Let’s see together what I will get for today.

My main goal now has changed to accumulate DEC, and completing the daily quest is more like a side quest.

My short target of DEC balance is 25K. As I intended to continuously contribute to the Guild.


我希望大家有一個美好的一年。 展望在2020年會有一個良好的開端。



回到遊戲。 我試圖到達鑽石,最後做到了。




我的DEC餘額的短期目標是25K。 因為我打算繼續為公會做出貢獻。

Today snapshot of DEC Balances
今天的 DEC Balances 快照

123019 – DEC Balance: 22,444.835

![Screen Shot 20191230 at 12.48.38 AM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/J7xKn5CW-Screen20Shot202019-12-3020at2012.48.3820AM.png)

You may have noticed that my DEC dropped compared to the previous post, I consumed some DEC to make my team stronger as the new seasons becoming more challenging.


Still have less than 3K to go! Let’s work on it!

As always here is my daily reward from the daily quest.

Comment to this draw: Fair enough. Let’s see what we will get next time!

![Screen Shot 20191229 at 5.11.24 PM.png](https://files.steempeak.com/file/steempeak/nuagnorab/bydNduNa-Screen20Shot202019-12-2920at205.11.2420PM.png)